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Want help teaching math?

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Thoughts on Teaching Math

Something that was so intimidating to me when we first started homeschooling was teaching math. I thought you had to be an endorsed elementary math education expert to teach math well. That anything I might attempt with my kids would be inferior.

Then, as we started dabbling in the homeschool world, I kept hearing people say their kids hated math or teaching it was the bane of their existence. Yikes! Not exactly a vote of confidence.

It was pretty important to both my husband and I that our kids at least have the chance to like math! And even if a kid didn't love math, I was determined to figure out how to teach math in an engaging way that laid a really good foundation for incrementally more challenging math studies.

Over the last 6 years, we've had our math ups and downs, but I've learned a few non-negotiables when it comes to teaching math well:

  1. Investing some time in learning how to teach math well will probably be the biggest factor in your homeschool math success.
  2. The younger the child, the more hands-on the math lessons should be. Most true understanding about math starts in the concrete and gradually moves to the abstract.
  3. It doesn't have to be miserable. Math can be fun! Songs & games don't need to be the basis of math for it to be fun, but they're a great supplement.

Today, I'll focus on the first point - you becoming a better math teacher! Almost all success in teaching math at home depends on this.

The good news is - you don't have to take a class or spend hours a week practicing math lessons. #aintnobodygottimeforthat. 🙌

Enter: Kate Snow

I can't remember how I first stumbled on Kate Snow, but she became my go-to math resource for learning how to teach math at home. She's unique in the homeschool math space because she has a Math degree from Harvard, an elementary teaching certificate, and homeschooled her own kids. So, she gets it.

Her website has a wealth of information, including an awesome free math-teaching email course for parents (which I highly recommend signing up for.) Each email is full of clear & helpful tips for teaching homeschool math. After you've worked your way through that, you can start reading all her articles. Maybe just set aside 10-15 minutes a few times a week to start reading her content.

Kate is uniquely gifted at helping non-mathy parents teach math well. She explains all the concepts in a way that both you and your child can easily understand.

Do you have any questions about teaching math questions or amazing math resources to share!? I'm going to try to write a few emails & blog posts around math resources and would love to hear from you.



p.s. I feel like I should have a disclaimer that says - I don't make any money from referring you to her stuff. Sometimes I do make money from referrals (and even then, I'd only ever recommend something I actually love). BUT in this case, I just wanted to share that I've learned a ton from her over the years and wanted to pass along her info to you because she's so gifted in this area!! ❤️