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All the things about kid chores 🧽 🧹

publishedabout 2 months ago
1 min read

Chores, Routines, Lists & More

A couple weeks ago, I sent a New Year's email about good intentions, routines, and getting back into the swing of schooling after the holidays.

By far the most common response was, “Wait, tell me more about the morning list & having one chore..." or something along those lines. Apparently we homeschool moms love our chore routines. 😉

I ended up writing a detailed post about:

  • the specific chores kids ages 4-10 can do
  • our fast & easy What's Next? daily clean up
  • how to teach and practice new chores
  • room cleaning

Typically, I’m the type of person that wants to do all the things all at once!! But I’ve found when it comes to adding new habits or routines at home, we kind of have to do one at a time or it all falls apart and we do nothing well.

If you’re looking to get your kids on board with helping more around the house, try picking 1-2 things to start with and build up over time. In a few years, you can put your feet up and eat bon-bons while your kids clean the house. JK 😉

Happy homeschooling!